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Chugging along at work, starting two new books and a weekend trek to Bavikonda | Weekly Report 80

12 Mar 2018 . category: report . Comments
#myntra #data science #fitness #vlog #travel #trek

My weekly report from the 5th of March to the 11th of March – a productive workweek and a super-fun weekend outing! Went into a mini-breakdown midway into the week, probably a result of bad mood and my constant ‘GO’ mode. Sometimes, it is necessary to zoom out a little, and appreciate your long-term journey.

At work, we’ve been testing out multiple ideas and evaluating/building upon A/B tests results. We had a mini-victory with a positive conversion A/B test, showing us a directional win, at least! Still not there, a lot more parameters in the pipeline to play around with. I’ll be focussing on getting our codebase refactored and clean over this week for faster iterations and A/B tests in the near future.

I have taken up the initiative of starting a Data Science blog at work, writing the draft for the first one(Search @ Myntra from a Data Science perspective) – good progress so far, gotta see it through!

Started reading up on a couple new books – “Rework” by Fried & Hannson and “The hard thing about hard things” by Ben Horowitz. Both offer great advice on startups, work ethic along with some heavy dosage of “hit-you-in-the-face reality”! Ordered quite a collection of books this week, excited!

This week, i put out another of the “Lounge Review” vlogs, its Bengaluru this time!

On the fitness front i put in the workouts and runs, except my long long run – compensated that with a 24km trek day :p Hit the skatepark a couple days, i’m getting better at dropping in from curved surfaces. A real drop-in is imminent, soon!

This weekend, Sikri and i headed out for an awesome trek upto Kudremukh. Sadly no trekking is allowed currently on the Kudremukh because of forest fire risks, so we trekked up a sister peak – Kalchikia in the Bavikonda ranges. Stayed overnight at the famous sensation Rajegowda’s guest house, had a lot of fun, and took a day off the Internet(felt really good, i slept like a baby!). These weekend getaways are really good to refuel, gain more perspective and come back stronger for the workweek.

That’s it folks, later :)


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