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Thinking of sideproject ideas, pushing harder at workouts and going for my first book meetup | Weekly Report 81

19 Mar 2018 . category: report . Comments
#data science #sideprojects #fitness #vlog #meetup

My weekly report from the 12th of March to the 18th of March – a productive workweek, and one where i’m trying to find sideprojects to challenge me, to grow.

Nothing new at work worth reporting over here. Debugging and implementing new ideas post a prioritization meet early in the week. We’re using Asana for task management, i should incorporate it for all my personal projects too! Spent two days refactoring and testing my codebase for faster iterations, done done and done.

Have been thinking up of side-projects to take up, there should always be a technical challenge after 8PM you’re working towards. If you’re not going through pain, you’re not growing. Maybe kaggle, maybe some exploratory analyses or a running app with Gyani.

This week, i spent a couple mornings working up on the first project in the Deep Learning nanodegree by Udacity. It was my first time writing a neural network from scratch, and believe me, the nitty-gritty details are not easy. There’s still a lot of scope for improvement w.r.t Feature Engg in the problem(Bike Sharing dataset), will work on it this week.

Yesterday, i put out the trek vlog from Kudremukh – a painful edit, but fun!

I’m doubling down on my workout sessions, the new schedule has 5 workouts, 3 runs and one rest day a week. Had planned for a long long run this weekend, rains played spoilsport :/ Going strong, gotta keep it rolling. Got new skate sneakers, taking them out today :)

Yesterday, i headed out for a bookworms’ meetup in Indiranagar, “Read a Book” – everyone discussed about books which had impacted or changed their outlooks and perspectives. i talked about ‘Born to Run’, one which will change how you look at endurance sports. Was fun listening to others viewpoints, had fun!

Yeah, that’s that. Later!


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