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Starting work on FocalAI & launching another A/B test | Weekly Report 82

26 Mar 2018 . category: report . Comments
#sideproject #myntra #data science #ai #fitness #vlog

My weekly report from the 19th of March to the 25th of March – a highly productive week overall, got a lot of shit done!

i had an idea in my shower earlier this week – i spend a lot of time watching my video footage and organizing them into according ‘bins’ before diving into the edit. What if this process could be automated by an AI! What if an AI classifies all my images and videos into virtual folders, which i can then query via natural language(Show me images of mountains, or show me videos where i skateboarded in bangalore). All of this, without giving up my privacy to internet giants like Google. Along with Sodhi and Gyani, we have set out to build an MVP for this idea calling it Focal.ai – Fotos for Local :p Have started some initial work with replicating Object Detection APIs on local, a lot to do! Hopeful for a scrappy “Version 0” by end of week.

At work, i iterated on a couple of ideas for the next A/B test, have launched one on less-engaged users. This is an experiment to see whether our algo was unable to provide value to higher-engaged users who already see a good level of personalization on the platform.

I’ve enrolled myself into Udacity’s Nanodegree program for Deep Learning – i submitted my entry for the first project earlier this week. We built a neural network from scratch, and then optimized the hyperparameters for a regression problem(predicting bike rides). There’s a lot of exciting content in the coming weeks, gotta get fluent with Tensorflow first! CNNs up next :)

This week, i put out a book review vlog on “Born to Run”, one of the most inspirational books on fitness. Have a look!

This week, i put in 4 solid runs and 3 NTC workouts. Also sneaked in 1 skate and 1 squash session, keep it rolling!

I’ll be heading out to Bali & Singapore for a two-week vacation this Thursday, super excited about that! Next blog from Bali :)


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