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Starting work on Ads Personalization | Consistent progress on Focal | Weekly Report 86

23 Apr 2018 . category: report . Comments
#data science #myntra #focal #fitness #bangalore

Welcome to the 86th weekly report. A quick recap of my week from the 16th of April to 22nd of April. A good, lonely, happy workweek :)

At work, i’ve been shifted to a new project on Ads Personalization and Banner ranking on Myntra’s platform. More precisely, when you land on our homepage, which banners and ads should you be shown based on your activity and apparent affinities towards particular brands or fashion tastes. Its another of the exciting problems in personalization – i’m getting up to date with the codebase and thinking of new ideas to model this problem. The curse of dimensionality is clearly the big ol’ elephant in this problem, might implement a Word2Vec-like embedding model to handle it.

On Focal, i’ve been slogging it out ripping off State-of-the-Art neural nets on my system. Currently, we have three models working – one for object detection, one for activity recognition(only sports for now), and one for scene detection. Development on Person recognition is underway. i was having some issues with replicating the modelling pipeline, we might move to a Docker Vagrant image to fix it. We should be ready with a product by this week – a pipeline that goes through all media, tags it and returns matching files related to your search term. We’ll also be using Word2Vec to map unseen search terms to our tags!

I finished off two projects on Udacity’s Deep Learning nanodegree this week – Convolution Neural Nets and Recurrent Neural Nets. Had a lot of fun going into the content, and ripping out some models in core TensorFlow. TF is shitty, and unintuitive, and bad, but it works :p

I didn’t put out this week’s vlog so far not because i slacked off, but because i couldn’t get all the footage! Shot a video call with Gyani and Sodhi, a kickass story vlog in the pipeline! 704 Ep. 2.

Been going strong on the runs and workouts, every one checked out this week. Put in a 12.75 Short Long run this Saturday, a LLR next weekend!

It feels a little lonely when you’re going at your shit all in, every day. But its a choice you make, and you stick to it. Later.


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