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Docker & ElasticSearch for Focal | Modelling Ads Personalization | Weekly Report 87

30 Apr 2018 . category: report . Comments
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Week 87. 22nd April to 29th April 2018. Productive. Foundational. Introspective.

Engineering took the major part of this week’s work on Focal. Gyani set up a Docker instance to make my codebase replicatable on any dev’s system. Learnt docker, made a couple PRs. Also learnt ElasticSearch, it would be the Search backend to match user queries with files. I was trying to get a plugin working on ES that would effectively search for similar document embeddings(obtained from Word2Vec) via cosine similarity. Not yet successful, more exploration to be done.

We went a little sceptical on our idea and the vision itself. Whether serving an API would be a better idea. Who would download 3 GBs worth of application data for a desktop app. I slept over them and convinced myself that these are just engineering constraints. The vision is still alive and kicking in my head, building a truly intelligent file system that will give me what i need when i need it. Now, i have to build the least sucky version of that.

At work, i’ve made some initial progress on the problem of Ads Personalization. Data extraction is a nightmare, i’ve seen it in every single project. It took me a week to get the data in a clean format which i could feed to the model, urgh. I need to get more productive at work, gotta hit the gas.

I wanna do a little update on my meditation practice. I can confidently state that it is now a part of my morning routine. 10-15 minutes of doing nothing, first thing in the morning. Running on a streak of 16 days on Headspace now :)

I started off on the chapter of GANs(Generative Adversarial Networks) on Udacity Deep Learning, aim to complete that in the next couple of days. Its an extremely interesting concept, making seemingly real-ish images out of nothing!

This week, i put out the ABC vlog that i’d been editing for about a week! Have a look :)

A small little update on the books i’ve been reading. Not great progress, but more than halfway through “Zero to One” and “Rework”. i haven’t been taking out the time necessary to read.

Missed a workout this week because of a late night. Not acceptable. i put in the long long run 16K this Saturday, the Run & Walk experiment was a fuckin success! More long runs in the future. Also, expect a run vlog next weekend :p

That’s it folks. Later :)


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