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Slow progress on work, slow on Focal | Leading YouTube on the Fee Hike Revolution in Pilani | Biweekly Report 88, 89

14 May 2018 . category: report . Comments
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Discipline works when motivation doesn’t.

I’ve been thinking about ‘discipline’ and how much it affects almost everything we do. If i leave my To-Do list to my whims and emotions, i’m not going to get anything productive done. Discipline has to lead every day, from the get-go. Jocko Willink FTW.

Progress on Focal has slowed down over the past couple of weeks, but the vision is still as strong. The pipeline is set – The tagging of images and videos using the three neural nets, storing the tags metadata in ElasticSearch, and retrieving them via search queries(using plain text match and cosine similarity via Word2Vec). The immediate next step is to make the pipeline Docker-friendly and then work on the performance of query retrieval. #JitnaDutyUtnaPractice

Google launched ML Kit, which at its essence is very similar to what we are building. They’re offering neural nets and models to mobile developers for offline use. This reiterates my vision that ML is ultimately going to percolate to offline.

At work, i’ve been working on getting User and Ad features at a daily cadence, so as to build a model which predicts whether a user will click on a particular banner advertisement. Had to pipeline SQL queries, python jobs and an Map-Reduce in Java. Work on modelling in the coming week, XGBoost FTW.

Back in Pilani, a revolution broke out. The students protested against the continuous fee hike being pushed down our throats. I decided to become a part the movement, and ended up making three daily vlogs on the whole issue. It was a tense week in Pilani, a high-on-dopamine week for us alumni following the developments. Even missed previous week’s blog report as I was consumed by the protests! Nevertheless, learnt quite a lot, and gained more than 50 subscribers within a week :)

I put in a weekend and finished the GAN chapter in the Udacity nanodegree, i even generated celebrity faces in the project submission. Reinforcement Learning up next, this would take two weekends at least. Excited!

The fitness regiment fell behind last week, as i missed all three workouts. Was up editing late into the nights for the Fee Hike vlogs. Shouldn’t happen again, gotta prioritize my goals. I put in a 18 kilometre long run this weekend (with a Caffeine gel pack and an electrolyte supplement), feeling really strong. I should be able to extend my current range to 25km with the walk-and-run technique.

I visited a nutritionist and have signed up for a three-month plan, we’ll be working on my diet and training plans tailored specifically to hit the 42KM mark. I’m shedding two more kilos, have to shed 2% fat from the tummy and build strength in arms, legs and core. Lots to work on, i couldn’t be more pumped for this!

My flatmates and i spent a weekend searching for a new home, closer to work. Fortunately that didn’t work out, 704 is here to stay :p



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