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Engineering the Ads pipeline, starting my new diet and restarting skateboarding! | Weekly Report 90

21 May 2018 . category: report . Comments
#data science #myntra #fitness #diet #skateboarding #vlog

A weekly report of my workweek, from the 14th of May to the 20th of May ‘18. A fairly productive one at work, and a momentous one for my health!

At work, i’ve been building a pipeline for an Ads Prediction model on Myntra. Debugging and data extraction have been taking a lot of the effort, but running an xgboost at the end gives me fulfillment! Running into some memory issues with large dataframes and database endpoints. Chugging along.

We held a Data Science meetup at work this weekend, where a couple of my colleagues presented our work to around 50 folks, it was a nice interaction. I should participate in more meetups!

Work on Focal resumed this sunday, as i had been unable to prioritize over the weekdays. I should be planning my day according to to-dos set for the night, this isn’t happening and i have been unhappy about my overall productivity. Sulking won’t fix things, i have to change.

I put out a vlog about documenting my life, have a look.

Also, i hit 200 subscribers. Thanks :p

I received my diet chart from my nutritionist, its intense, its scary, its so much more fun than normal food! It takes effort, i’m going to the loo twice a day, but its totally worth it. I’m becoming disciplined with my sleep routines so as to accommodate all of my 9 dishes through the day :)

This week, i hit the fitness goal every day. My Sunday rest day is now converted into a swim day, resistance training all through the week :) This week was intense on fitness and nutrition, probably because it was all very new to me. Getting used to will take time.

I also restarted the skate practice, put in two sessions this week. Will try to keep this habit rolling - Falling and falling and falling and then landing a trick is just bliss :)



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