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Revving it up at work, good progress on Udacity and a casual 20K practice run! | Weekly Report 91

28 May 2018 . category: report . Comments
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A weekly report of my week, from the 20th of May to the 27th of May ‘18. A nice one at work, revving it up!

I finalized the end-to-end pipeline for ads ranking using a ML model approach. Solved some memory issues with XgBoost via model checkpointing through chunks of training data. The codebase had reached an unreadable state, and i was having issues with figuring out the code-flow. Spent a day cleaning, abstracting and refactoring everything – only if i would spend a little thought while coding things up in the first place :/

Our model is ready for an A/B test, will be working on different models and hyperparams this week. Lots to do!

I’m making progress in the Udacity Deep Learning nanodegree – halfway through the last chapter(Reinforcement Learning). Learnt the basics, did a couple exercises on Dynamic programming(gridworld env) and Monte Carlo(blackjack env) Its another of the fascinating topics in DL, one that i’d been planning to read up for quite a while now.

I’m currently reading “Shoe Dog”, an inspirational memoir written by Phil Knight, the creator of Nike! More than halfway through the book, its been one riveting read. Knight has a real warrior spirit, one worth emulating. He has described in ironic nonchalance his struggle through failure, heartbreak and betrayal. But as he says, “The cowards never started and the weak died along the way. That leaves us, ladies and gentlemen. Us.”

This week, I put in two tennis sessions, felt super awesome. Made a vlog on Sid’s revenge match against Aniket. Revenge was sought, revenge was …

I put in all my runs and workouts this week, the long run was pretty frickin long. 20 kilometers at a 5:41 pace, a long run bolstered by a couple gels, a couple bananas, a home-made(i made it!) protein bar, and dry fruits. Nutrition is insanely important, especially on these runs where i generally felt spent by the end of it. The runners knee still nags me post-run till a day or so, will have to fight it out.

I’ve been going strong on my new diet, have been following approximately 8 of the 9 prescribed meals per day on an average. Even visited my nutritionist earlier in the week, received a workout plan. Planning to join a gym soon. I’m even teaching a bit of cooking to myself, its quite some fun! The sleep pattern has been disciplined, 12ish to 7-730.

That’s it folks, later :)


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