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Working on the Modeling pipeline, giving interviews for EF and crossing the 100K mark for May! | Weekly Report 92

04 Jun 2018 . category: report . Comments
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A weekly report of my week, from the 28th of May to the 3rd of June ‘18. An okayish week, in almost all departments. Ended the week on a rather introspective note, grateful for my life.

At work, i’m working on trying out various models over the ads ranking problem. An A/B test with my model was scheduled to go live but got called off due to latency issues with the new codebase. Spent a couple days in writing some code for hyperparameter optimization, and read up on a few concepts like Matrix Factorization. Bayesian Personalized ranking is up next, this will help me in implementing new models for ads ranking.

I gave a couple interviews for the next cohort of ‘Entrepreneur First, Singapore’. I was quite impressed with the process and interviewing style, it was focussed primarily on my thought process, ambitions and drive. Awaiting the results!

On the Udacity Deep Learning course, i’ve been doing some exercises on Reinforcement Learning. Its frickin awesome! Worked on Q-Learning and discretization, lots to do.

I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts off late and and haven’t been documenting my learnings effectively. I plan to document and release a blog every week on the major takeaways, somewhat similar to Tim Ferris’ Friday email!

I put in 4 runs this week, just kept ‘em rolling! I crossed the 100 kilometre mark for May, will try to keep this consistent for the months to come. Also made a vlog with Sid about the “Why” behind our running.

Tried out a trial session at Snap Fitness, will join it soon. Put in one tennis and one skate session :)

Cycled to Blossom Bookhouse this Sunday, that place never gets old. There are 2 new books on the stack(Black Swan by Taleb and Annapurna by Maurice Herzog), if there weren’t enough already! Cycled along the Wind Tunnel Road for the first time, cycled along the beautiful Bellandur lake for the first time. Cycled to Indiranagar for a Tennis Team reunion, made complete use of my cheat meal! Cycled because it was International Cycling Day :)

That’s it folks, later.


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