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Preparing for the EF cohort, and a weekend Bombay trip | Weekly Report 94

18 Jun 2018 . category: report . Comments
#ef #data science #bombay #fitness

“Share Actions, not Intentions” – Casey Neistat

I’m in the process of getting my intentions crystal clear. I have a lot of prep to do before starting my journey with Entrepreneur First. The prep is underway, to say the least.

I’ve gotten in touch with 4 cohort members so far, and quite a few scheduled in the coming week. The conversations have been fun, its eye-opening to talk to folks from diverse industries. Ideas are cheap, ideas are plenty, i’m in the process of figuring out the right ones!

There’s a lot of books/blogs to read, a helluva podcasts to listen, and a lot many videos to watch. I’ve shifted focus from my day job, almost all-in on EF.

I made a short trip to Bombay and back, took the weekend off. Met a couple bitsians, chilled, got drenched, ran drenched. Back in Bengaluru, raring to go!

I started reading Adam Grant’s “Originals”, it has been on the desk for quite a while now. Plan to finish that and “Hard things about Hard Things” by end of this week.

The tickets to Sri Lanka are confirmed, its happening! 20th - 28th July, daily vlogs are incoming :)

This week’s vlog is a little delayed, I wanted to skip it but went through. Will be up soon.

The workouts and runs went as-per-plan, except for a missed gym session because of travel. The diet took a decent hit because of variability in my meals in Bombay, not happy about that. I’ll have to figure out a workable diet schedule for my stay in Singapore. Super excited to run my seventh half-marathon next weekend in Hyd!

Yeah, later.


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