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EF Kickoff weekend in Indonesia, and finishing Udacity DL nanodegree | Weekly Report 97

09 Jul 2018 . category: report . Comments
#ef #kowe #singapore #indonesia #udacity #data science

This is the last weekly report I’ll be writing from 704 :’)

This week was insanely intense. Preparing for EF along with managing Bangalore logistics is pushing my stress limits off the charts.

I finished off a chapter in Reinforcement Learning on Udacity and also finished off with the unfinished chapter on GANs. Got the certificate, done and dusted :)

I left for a weekend trip to Singapore and Indonesia, for an induction event organized by Entrepreneur First. It has been one of the most social events i’ve been to. All 100 of us were holed up in a resort in Bintan, a beautiful island one hour away from Singapore.

We went through crazy team-building activities, networked as much as we could, and attended valuable talks from ex-EF founders. It has been the most social I have ever been, I might have talked to more than 50 people over the course of 48 hours. Learning to pitch is an art, one that I’m getting better at :)

No vlog this week – I had planned to shoot one in Indonesia but I didn’t get any downtime whatsover! Not sure if there will be one next week :/

Fitness and diet has been going okayish, not great. Sneaked in 3 runs(one by the beach!) and a workout session. Planning for a long long run this weekend in Bombay :)

Okay folks, later la!


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