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Ideating, networking and leaving Myntra! | Weekly Report 98

16 Jul 2018 . category: report . Comments
#bangalore #myntra #entrepreneur first #mumbai

Weekly report from the 9th to the 15th of July – A week of flux, feels strange that all of it happened just last week!

Post the Kickoff weekend, I have been reaching out to potential co-founders at Entrepreneur First. Some conversations hit off really well, iterating and thinking about ideas back and forth. Have even put an idea on hold as we didn’t seem to be getting anywhere concrete. Shelving your ideas is a great exercise in detaching yourself from your work!

Talked to people from multiple domains, from Quantum computing to Robotics, from edtech to good ol’ e-commerce!

This Friday, I left Myntra after putting in exactly 1 year, 1 week and 1 day in office. Felt a little emotional as I said goodbye to my 15-inch Macbook Pro, on to the new 13-inch 2017 one! Put out a sexy goodbye mail to my team, shaked a lot of hands and left Bangalore for good :)

Met Sid and Shambhavi over the Wimbledon semis, and bid adieu to 704 at HSR! Now, back in Bombay for 5 days :)

Thd fitness schedule went haywire as I had to deal with all the operational shiz of shifting cities. Sneaked in my 3 runs, but skipped two gym sessions. Getting back on the diet again, gotta get my mojo back.

Okay, later la!


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