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7 days non-stop at EF! | Weekly Report 101

06 Aug 2018 . category: report . Comments
#ef #startup #singapore #bits #pilani

Welcome to another weekly blog report from Singapore. It is almost 2’o clock in the night, and I should sleep.

It has been a crazy week so far, no off-days, no let-ups. Non-stop, my neurons have been firing, and I wanna be in this state forever. Just hope and pray that I don’t burn out.

I put in my first day at EF, really liked the whole setup of SGInnovate. Met all my fellow cohort members, and got to business pretty soon. Have been exploring Little India by the nights, this place should be a frickin case study in itself!

I went through some hard conversations with potential co-founders, and was still exploring ideas as per end of this week. Got good advice on how to go around navigating the idea maze, communicating efficiently, and choosing the right co-founder. Defensibility is a word that has been going crazy in my head for a long time now! Have looked at HRTech, employee retention, crypto trading, hiring and manufacturing as some of the verticals in the process of ideating! God save my neurons XD

Also got through with a couple of logistics issues – shifting into my new place near work, bank stuff and my employment pass appointment. Also stayed up a couple late nights with friends, played poker, and gossiped about the potential co-founder breakups!

This Friday, along with a couple bitsians, i headed off to the Bitsian Day celebration along the Riverwalk in Clarke Quay. Met the founder of DVM, and a couple batchmates too(Also, Youtube subscribers!)

I put in 4 hours this Sunday and put out a Lanka Vlog. Also, my GoPro has given up on me – so no SG vlogs for now :/

Put in a 30 minute run this Sunday – that has been the sum of all physical activity. Ashamed. Will change it this week. That starts with sleeping early.

Okla, bye!


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