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Working on the prototype, tightening our go-to-market, and celebrating the weekend! | Weekly Report 112

22 Oct 2018 . category: report . Comments
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Week 112 - a week of high-peak and low-valley productivity levels.

Early in the week, we set mini-goals to achieve, and got to work. Good debates around what we should take to the customer, and how should we go around lean product development.

I worked on adding features to the demo, and improving the UI - still not up there. I pulled in a couple of really late nights, feeling terribly unproductive the next day. We even showed the demo to a few potential customers!

We had a couple of interactions with our mentors at EF, and were told to tighten our go-to-market strategy. We need to balance our long-term vision with our goals for the next month – Good gruelling feedback. Also got some ideas on making the demo interactive(and gimmicky) to be used as a sales tool.

I spent a day or so thinking about drafting the story on “Why me”, a favorite question for investors, legitimately so. Forced me to look inside, and convert fuzzy feelings into English.

I am not a complainer, but i’m also not super-strong on gratitude & appreciation - a habit i need to get better at! It helps you build purpose into your everyday goals & to-dos. Going strong on the journalling and meditation habits, a streak of 26 days & running!

With my housemates, we went out for a Karaoke Friday night – one of my first “party nights” in Singapore. Had a Japanese dinner, sang our hearts out for 4 hours, and had 4AM snacks – it was super-fun! I like the microphone quite a lot XD

Was super-disciplined on the workouts this week – put in all my runs & gym sessions: A 2.5K speed run, Shoulders/Arms, a 5K recovery run, legs, chest and a 22K run to finish the week! I almost gave in on my long run but got through the distance purely by self-talk and internal motivations. Check my Instagram stories for an inside peek on my progress XD

Okay folks, later lah!


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