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Prepping for Judgement Day! | Weekly Report 113

28 Oct 2018 . category: report . Comments
#ef #startup #singapore #fitness #data science

Week 113: The week leading up to Judgement Day at EF. Feels like a big moment right now, pretty sure it’ll be a non-event 5 years from now. It’s funny how perspective works.

We spent the entire week setting our story straight, filling out the form for the Investment Committee. We were advised to articulate our vision better, and use metaphors to make the imaginary more tangible. It’s all about storytelling!

Spent quite some time on tidying up the numbers on our market sizing, and growth projections over the next 3-5 years. Learnt quite a bit on fundraising as well, trying to come up with projected valuation numbers.

I also worked on some core features for the prototype early in the week – deployed.

I feel like a lot of big-day performance comes down to conditioning & visualizations. Negative if-else conditions will only mess with the preparation & eventually, the result. Consuming positive video and audio content constantly pushes me into Go-Mode everyday, puts me in the Go-Win zone.

This Friday, we celebrated Halloween at EF, my first Halloween! I dressed up as Eminem(wore a cap under a hoodie!), and sang “Everybody from the 313” all night XD Also, clicked some shady rapper-esque pics by dark alleys, and headed to the only Bollywood club in Singapore, Magic Carpet. Fun times :)

This week, i hit my 30-day meditation streak! Meditation & Journalling help drive “perspective” into my subconscious. Meditation also helps me remind me of my state of mental & physical exhaustion - and pushes me to complete my 8-hour sleep quota everyday. 33 days & counting, aiming for a 60 :)

Hitting the fitness targets week after week - no excuses. Documenting every workout on my Instagram story, crossing everyday off my whiteboard to-do. I have brought back the abs workouts back into routine, will pump up the intensity on them this week onwards. Ran a rainy 10K earlier today(Sunday morning), one of my happiest ones in Singapore!

Okay folks, sleeping in early. Judgement Day awaits :)


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