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Coding, hiring, networking, and finally, tennis! | Weekly Report 131

11 Mar 2019 . category: report . Comments
#radicali #startup #singapore #fitness #tennis

Welcome, ladies and germs to Week 131! Eww, that’s an ugly number.

This week was solid on work, as i went through some major engineering challenges. Along with managing BAU, i realized a few shortcomings in our tech architecture and thought through all possible options inside my head. No code shall be written unless it makes sense in my head.

Sherlock, our NLP engine was built with a different algorithm in mind just a couple months back. The algorithm evolved, but the architecture didn’t. Time for a reset - Sherlock V2.0! Meanwhile, we kept progressing on the UI/UX front, i’ve slowly begun to get comfortable with delegation now.

We have two intense meetings every week, a Level 10 meeting on Monday and a product debrief on Fridays. These meetings have helped in getting alignment b/w business and technology.

We pitched Radicali at our second Demo Day, this time in front of the Xoogler Angels – doing a live product demo kicks my nerves into overdrive! Had fun networking, but more importantly, listening to the other startup pitches – i left the event heavily inspired :)

i also spent a considerable time scouring through resumes and profiles for our internship position. Boy, hiring isn’t easy.

i improved on my meditation & journal practice over the last week, back on track. Post last week’s admittance of headspace failure on the blog, i automatically shifted – all i need is a little bit of an accountability check.

This week, i had the chance to try out the Impossible Foods at Lau Pa Sat – the queues were really bad, but i managed to sneak through a couple dishes. Worth the hype!

Over the weekend, i hosted Episode #12 of the Early Twenties Podcast with Siddharth Seth, going through his life journey – from a 19-year old in Kota to the Director of Products at Koinex! We have released Part 1 of the two-part series, go listen :)

i spent quite a bit of my mindshare managing the scheduling logistics of our future episodes, some really interesting ones packed ahead!

On the fitness front, i put in all three workouts and also debuted on the rowing machine. Mixing up the workouts is so important to not get bored of the routine. I put in a couple runs, but more importantly, i played tennis over the weekend! I told you, it was gonna happen soon :)

My gang met up for brunch on Saturday, played Mafia, tennis, and also, Lock&Key in the pool! Days like this remind me of my childhood, how i want to live more days like these. The tennis+pool session was intense, i lay around like a sloth the whole of Sunday XD

Okay folks, later :)


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