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Getting back to winning ways, and running long distances! | Weekly Report 138

30 Apr 2019 . category: report . Comments
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Welcome to the blog review on Week One Three Eight!

i started off the week in Bombay, chilling at home and sorting out MTNL issues before taking the long flight back into Singapore. Had a layover in Bengaluru, and i think it has become a universal ‘rule’ that i meet someone i know at the BLR airport!

It took me some time to get back into my productive flow state, but by Friday afternoon i was churning out good chunks of Python. i’ve started looking at platforms like Fiverr and Upwork to outsource some parts of our frontend development.

This Friday was quite a blast in terms of socializing – Entrepreneur First had a space-themed party for the current cohort, where a lot of people eat pizzas, drink beers and celebrate the spirit of EF. Met quite a few interesting folks there, and then headed to a club, which is also the highest point in Singapore – 1Altitude! Spent a couple hours dancing like my 10-year old self, and nursed my headbanged neck for the next couple of days.

The weekend was super-high on “life”, in terms of work-life balance – recorded two podcasts & sneaked in a couple hiring calls on Saturday, and then spent the better part of my Sunday running along the East Coast Park. i ran for three and a half hours, in preparation for my first full marathon – as i wanted to stretch my physical & mental stamina before committing to it. The run wasn’t easy, and i had to reach into my inner reserves of discipline to finish it – physically, i feel ready for the 42 though :)

As for the podcasts, we are delayed by a couple days on this week’s episode. A very interesting one with some digital nomads coming up next week.

PS: This week’s report feels very incomplete, because i’ve not included everything that happened over the week – will do soon!



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