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Strong focused workweek, Bitsians Day & my personal bowling record! | Weekly Report 152

05 Aug 2019 . category: report . Comments
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Welcome to Week 152. Nowadays looking back at the calendar messes with me in the head: How did all of that happen just last week!

On the work front, i’ve been really focused on finding the right hires for our engineering team & maintaining structure as we scale to more people coming aboard! It has been difficult for me to get contiguous hours to code, but i guess that is what you give up when you manage people. We were aa part of our very first hiring event, back-to-back interviews within a span of 3 hours!

We just trudged along into August - just as a recap, i put in 16 meditation days & 12 journal days over the last month. i have noticed a very positive difference in my wake-up times over the last couple weeks, and that has hampered my journal routine. Will be experimenting with a “reading+journalling” routine just before bed in the weeks to come.

It’s been a good week on the fitness front, got all my six workouts in(four of them in the morning!). A much-needed improvement after last week’s failures.

This Friday was a little slow on the work front, as i left early to socialize with the EFSG6 cohort, then headed down for the Bitsians day over at Downtown. Always fun to catch up with the alum! Then i headed over to the bowling alleys to join a bunch of friends, where i scored my life high score of 138! So proud :)

My head is always buzzing with thoughts, and it gets a little difficult to switch off & sleep early. Have been trying out Headspace’s night meditations recently, it’s been quite effective. More experimentation needed around that!

i spent the entire weekend rejuvenating with some much-needed me-time! Put in a two-hour back&bicep workout on Saturday, and followed it up with a 10K on Sunday. Have been sleeping for around 10 hours some of these weekends, very weirded out by my sleep demands sometimes.

Okay, keep hammerin’


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