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Last 2019 week in SG, and recording the one-year anniversary podcast! | Weekly Report 171

16 Dec 2019 . category: report . Comments
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Welcome to 171, wasn’t it just yesterday that i wrote the report for 170? Time’s flying.

It’s been another intense week under the belt - i use the word ‘intense’ so often that it has almost lost its meaning now. Everything gets normalized. We became trial-ready on the product front, and went over planning for major ticket items for the next quarter. Can’t share much!

These blog reports still have a visible impact on my headspace when i sit down and introspect. There’s so much going inside my head, and it sometimes gets scary when i start to really think about my thoughts. My lazy brain would prefer keep working on, but these pauses are super-important.

This weekend was super-hectic, as i put in a working Saturday, recorded a Joe-Rogan-esque podcast with the boys, and then travelled to Bangalore on Sunday via Coimbatore. Layovers on small airports are always fun to experience. i’ll be spending the next couple weeks in Bangalore with the team before spending the new years at home - will be a much needed break!

On the fitness front, i put in a two miler on Thursday morning - and that’s about it. i haven’t been focussing on this enough. The time difference has forced me to become an early monring person here, and hopefully that helps me in getting some me-time runs in the morning. it’s cold here!

Okay, i’m running really short on sleep. Need to get some, later.


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