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Bangalore workweek, tennis & night runs! | Weekly Report 172

21 Dec 2019 . category: report . Comments
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Welcome to One hundred and seventy-two. The week’s technically not finished, as i write this on a Saturday evening - but i sneak this in when i can!

This week’s been one of early morning starts and tense moments as we rolled out a trial version of our product. Spent a large portion of my time getting a sense of the team dynamics via 1-on-1’s & standups, and planning out things for the next year. it’s a difficult job, but i wouldn’t do anything else. Teaches me so much everyday.

Although i’m put up in a Oyo, Bangalore feels very much like home again. i haven’t been doing many social visits and have been putting in 10-11 hour workdays. Sneaked in two night runs and a tennis session from Tuesday to Thursday! Running on HSR roads is nostalgic because of the routes and dangerous because of the dogs.

This Friday, we had our sprint summary and headed out to Play Arena for a team outing - historically my favorite place to hang back in the day! Seeing the skatepark brought back the memories, as we debugged the escape room & also did some shooting with those fake-ass rifles. it was fun. Always good to see the good & back in Bangalore, just to remind myself where i was and see the contrast in myself.

i’ve been at a crazy working streak for the whole of December, and decided to take the Saturday off - feels so good. Was walking along HSR earlier today listening to Joe Rogan and doing nothing, will be getting some more tennis later today.

Life’s good. Keep hammerin’


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