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Alternating between intense work & intense play | Off to Bombay! | Weekly Report 173

28 Dec 2019 . category: report . Comments
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Yo Yo, welcome to 173!

Writing this in the last week of the decade, the nostalgia hasn’t hit yet - but i’m pretty sure it will. Soon. Currently writing this from the dining table at Dad’s place in Bombay, coming back reminds me nothing’s changed.

This week was a good workweek, where i alternated between long hours at the office with long hours at the playground! We made good progress, tried out some experiments around our agile workflow, i did some brainstorming around our Data Science efforts, we set our OKRs for the next quarter with the goal of hitting product-market fit. Soon.

Christmas came and went in a flash. I headed out to get my racket gutted near MG Road in Bangalore, and had a nice meal at Mahesh Lunch Home(my first time!). Then played three and a half hours of tennis with Sid, he made a nice highlight reel as well! Ended the day by meeting my first-year wing - always good to hang.

This week was decent in terms of fitness - i sneaked in two night runs(three counting last Sunday), but couldn’t do so in the last couple of days because of the travel to Bombay. Gym sessions always take a hit when i’m in India, will try to get some in the days to come. I did one sleepy meditation session this week, and relistened to Naval’s megasode on ‘Getting rich(without getting lucky)’ - i always learn so much when i start thinking along his mental models.

It’s almost end of year, and that means i’ll be writing my yearly blog report. Will be planning out my 2020 resolutions beforehand, this ritual has probably served me the best in the last 3-4 years.

Anyway, dinner time. Keep hammerin’


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