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Squeezing out every hour, another 7-day workweek | First tennis sesh in Singapore! | Weekly Report 176

20 Jan 2020 . category: report . Comments
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Welcome to Week 176.

Writing this on a Tuesday night, before i ditch in last week’s report - i had planned to push this out over the weekend, but work took priority and decided to pick it up later.

Last week was another fun workweek, where i put in 7 strong days. i tried chunking my time on Monday morning into specific tasks and then letting my calendar control me. It takes away a lot of decisions from my day - this was inspired by Paul Graham’s ‘manager vs maker schedule’ essay. i’m trying it out this week as well, it’s a little difficult to be disciplined because there are multiple variables that take away my time throughout the day. Early morning and late evenings are when i get some solitary time to crank out work.

i attended a couple networking events last week, always good to get out of the building! We also pressed the accelerator on our hiring, as i took a bunch of tech interviews. This weekend was heavy on work, as i undertook an infra change. We also met a couple data scientists and bounced ideas around to get second opinions. Figuring things out, things are exciting!

Last Thursday, i headed out for my first tennis session in Singapore - i’ve found an app that allows you to find players and organize matches. Won mine in straight sets, felt good to get some. However, i also felt that the game was slightly mechanical as i didn’t my opponent and victory didn’t taste as sweet.

On the fitness front, i put in 2 runs, 2 workouts, and 1 tennis session - consistent in Jan, but still need to up the game. Have been listening to a lot of Joe Rogan - i discovered Alex Jones recently, oh boy, what have i been missing from my life!

Okay, keep hammering.


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