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Busy workweek, well-rested weekend | Weekly Report 178

03 Feb 2020 . category: report . Comments
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Welcome to 178. It’s February, and my night routine’s off to a bad start already.

Had a strong 6-day workweek, took an off-day after almost one full month. The weeks are such a blur, they’re mostly work-related and not much content for this blog. i successfully completed our migration to Gitlab, got pretty excited seeing pipelines in action. i need to find a way to manage our data projects and structure them in an agile-like fashion. It’s tricky mixing experimentals with timelines.

My work stamina has grown considerably - earlier today, i put in 6 hours straight without any major breaks. The Saturday off-day was a lot of fun, played tennis for three hours and slept for ten :)

I’ve realized that as someone who sets the tone for the team, my mood cascades into the team’s morale - i need to be constantly upbeat. More carrot, less stick.

On the fitness front, i put in 2 runs, 2 workouts and 1 tennis sesh - same outputs yet again. i’ve been missing one workout and one long run for the last three weeks, need to be disciplined throughout - i’m missing the Kallang riverside so bad now. Didn’t play good tennis this weekend, lost 7-5 7-5 in a match that i should’ve taken easily - my forehands don’t have the same conviction anymore and that puts me in a defensive when i should be default aggressive. This week, i put in 3 meditation sessions, two of them were outdoors which turn out to be much better than the ones at home.

February goals are to record 1 podcast, finish the book ‘Meditations’, learn 1 magic card trick(have been wanting to learn this for so long now!), and get into a constant 12AM sleep schedule. Saw Rich Roll’s Instagram post that said, “Less screens. More dreams”. So true. Have been planning to leave my computer at work and completely detach from screens in the night, let’s see how it plays out!

Keep hamemrin’


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