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WOrking form home is kinda weird! | Weekly Report 180

16 Feb 2020 . category: report . Comments
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Welcome to Report 180.

The last week was a huge work-from-home experiment in light of the coronavirus situation here in Singapore. Holed in my dining room from Monday through Thursday, and finally headed to the office on Friday. It’s quite frustrating and weird not working from the office. Nowadays, i’m doing 3 morning standups with my team and that shapes my thought process and work later in the day.

I might have a genetic tendency to believe in the placebo very easily - after watching a few corona conspiracy videos, i got quite fearful and started observing myself very minutely. I’ve noticed this earlier on the Nepal trip as well, where the placebo helped me out to get out of the altitude sickness. Have been listening to quite a bit of Rhonda Patrick & David Sinclair recently, i’m very interested in learning about gene expressions.

On the fitness front, i put in 3 runs, 2 workouts and 1 tennis session(missed the Bicep workout on Friday). Saturday’s tennis session was quite an embarassment, as i lost in straight sets(6-2 6-3) to an uncle - however, he was a much better player! That being said, i felt like if i’d play tennis 3-4 times a week, i could beat most people out here - i’m just not practising enough. Earlier today, i attempted a 5K PR but missed it by 12 seconds, clocked 23:12. If i can maintain these paces over the years, i’ll be more than happy with my fitness.

I’ve bought a screen at home, so working from home has become much easier. Took the Saturday easy - slept for 10 hours, played tennis for 2.5 hours, and visited my uncle’s place for dinner. Sunday was hardcore, as i did some retrospectives and planned out rest of the quarter for 5 hours straight.

Have been listening to Emiway’s new hit, “Firse Machayenge”. This guy’s a genius.

Keep hammerin’


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