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Schedule drifts, 7-day workout routine! | Weekly Report 181

23 Feb 2020 . category: report . Comments
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Welcome to 181.

For the last week or so, my schedule has pivoted towards late nights because of the work-from-home flexibility. There’s obvious benefits to this schedule as no time or headspace is wasted in commute - that being said, i think i’ve evolved into a mindset where that commute is actually beneficial to prioritization & cutting off work at nights. Days merge into evenings and nights very easily.

i split most of my time between exploring solutions for infra changes and reviewing MRs over the last week as we had planned for a Friday deploy. We’ll be getting back into office from this week, hopefully the coronavirus situation eases.

This week, i put in 7 workouts - no rest day! Divided it between 2 recovery runs, 1 speed run, 3 workouts at the gym and 1 tennis session - i skipped the long run this weekend as i was feeling a slight niggle in my knee. i’ve learnt to respect the pains & niggles, they’re always indications to the brain to rest - I’d put in a 10K after a long while, and have been putting in consistent runs over the last month or so, and that’s why i should ramp up the mileage slowly. Earlier today, i played doubles after so long, felt good to hit passing shots along the tramlines - i feel like i have more of a tactical game, and i suit best in the doubles format.

i restarted the meditation practice, as i put in 4 days with Headspace mixed with a couple days of sleep meditations as well. Important as i work from the home, but with the same pressure. Took out the GoPro, recorded a few workouts and post-tennis rambles. The weekend has been restorative as i took back the sleep debt.

My brain raised questions about the “why” of the grind last week, i rarely go into that territory but i’ve been there before. These questions are pointless and bring down self-morale. Was listening to a recent JRE podcast where they were talking about Bhagwad Gita and ‘dharma’ of a person. I gotta drive this into my head again - the grind will always be on, gotta keep hammerin’


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