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Turning 25, standing up to the battle | Two-week Report

08 Mar 2021 . category: report . Comments
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Welcome to 229!

i turned 25 late in February, and celebrated with a half marathon early in the morning on my birthday. Headed out to a jiujitsu class in the evening, probably not a wise decision as i felt my legs cramping up a bit but it was a very fulfilling day. Later i thought to myself why i don’t live each day to the fullest, and why we regress to the mean when it’s just another day. The quality of life depends a lot on how we perceive the life we are living.

The last couple weeks have been a little difficult at work as we got some feedback on the product and our recent product launch revealed insights on user behaviour. i need to be making improvements to our engineering structure, forcing more oversight on deploys. Handling bad days has become easier for me, i try to think macro and make sure i dont let it affect the rest of the day(tried a quick headspace after a bad call which helped). That being said, when i look at the product we’ve built it makes me feel proud. Important to balance out the pride/cost of work done so far, and build on top of it without being emotional.

For me, birthday weeks are when you talk to old friends, relatives etc. i also got a couple gifts, and a cake from my jiujitsu friend. Makes me feel good. i’m someone who has to slot out time on the calendar to talk to someone and it still doesn’t come very naturally to me - once i’m in the conversation things are free flowing, but to take the first step still takes resistance. Steady state is comforting.

Want to share that the reading habit is continuing very strong - reading a collection of essays by Peter Singer on ethics parallely with a biography on Tiger Woods. i also started reading The Art of War by Sun Tzu, which i’m using to understand strategy in BJJ! Switching books around makes me more likely to run through the books faster, i’m putting in 2 quick reading sessions everyday on average.

i haven’t made any real progress on the side-business idea or on the finance upskill resolution. Will be trying to get back on these two resolutions in March.

On the fitness front, i started doing yoga sessions in the mornings from last week onwards. Plan to make it part of my morning routine, forcing me to take my sleep schedule seriously. In the first week, i put in 2 runs, 1 home workout, and 4 BJJ sessions. Last week, i put in 0 runs, 3 gym workouts, 4 BJJ sessions and 6 yoga sessions. Had some pain in my knee after leg day, but things are good after some rest and icing now.

The relationship with my girlfriend is stable now, and i aim to maintain this steady state to allow for variables in other parts of life. There are only so many variables that the human mind can work with, and having stability in one part allows me to embrace uncertainities in other areas.

On the NoFap log, i relapsed on Day 31 - and now i feel like a month seems to be a sweet spot for my mental/physical health. Steady state :)

The weekends have been good - this weekend was alone time focusing on fitness and work, while the last one was a little outdoorsy where we spent some time in a cafe brainstorming, and then i headed out for some beach volleyball in the sun. That wasn’t fun.

Anyway, back to work. Keep hamemrin’


Shubhankar is an awesome person. He's Co-Founder & CTO of Radicali, building the first digital assistant for compliance. In his spare time, he likes to go out on runs!