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Couple up-and-down weeks | Second stripe on the BJJ White Belt | Report

28 Jun 2021 . category: report . Comments
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Living under my shadow and challenge me NO, since ‘19 been hotter than jalapenos – KR$NA

Welcome to Report #236 - the last couple weeks have been insightful for my conscious brain observing the subconscious. More on this below!

i have to learn how to disassociate professional success or failure with day-to-day happiness - i think i’m fairly decent at maintaining this decoupling but i need to get better. Right now, i feel a surge of dopamine on doing a production deploy which is a good thing and motivates me to do better - but i shall learn to do better outside of work too. i’m doing some planning for the future and plan to map this out in the coming blogs, once i have more clarity around the unknowns.

At work, i focused on the backend for our new feature rollouts and enjoyed the process end-to-end. i have figured out an optimal workflow from identifying product requirements, scoping the job, delegating, breaking it down into sprints, and then finally coding it out. Once all the legwork is done properly, actually coding the backend becomes a piece of cake. i’ve been working well through the days, especially on days when i get plenty sleep. i have a slight sense of anxiety on the weekends because i tend to leave myself too much to do on Saturdays & Sundays - my body often craves for rest, and then i’m not able to tick off my list. Need to get better at managing work timelines especially on weekends.

Sleep times were quite erratic and i didn’t stick to any one particular schedule. Slept 10 good hours on Wednesday night and 4.5 hours on Thursday night, not a sine wave i am proud of.

Last weekend, i got jabbed with the second dose of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine and went down with a fever for about 24 hours. Downtime like this is something i’m really not used to, as i had to just curl up and sleep for the better part of a Sunday and couldn’t work the entire weekend. At least, it gave me an appreciation for the so-called ‘normal’ days - i am grateful for being able to do what i do on an everyday basis. i’ve written this many a times on the blog, but just for me to be reminded, i’ll write it again:

A healthy man has a thousand wishes. A sick man has only one

In the last two weeks, i put in a couple short runs in the last couple weeks, one swim session, a couple yoga workouts and five BJJ sessions. My running mileage has taken a huge dip(only 11KM in June), and this is something i need to fix in July despreately. Committing to a 50K running month here. i also hit the gym this Saturday, as all gyms have only reopened since last week - felt good to hit the weights, i can feel my upper body so sore right now!

June 2021

This Wednesday, i received the second stripe on my BJJ white belt from Coach - felt very grateful to be able to be doing what i’m doing. Proud that i’ve stuck to the commitment of martial arts since the beginning of this year, and plan to continue this for the rest of my life. i’ve started a BJJ journal, where i’m making notes of all the moves i’m learning every class - it’ll help me track and make sense of all the knowledge floating around in my head.

On the NoFap streak, i hit Day 7 and then relapsed this weekend. Seems like a weekend release is an ideal control mechanism allowing me to focus entirely on work on the weekdays. i could still do better on this front.

i had a lot of human interactions in the last few days, which has frankly been much needed for me to share my thoughts with people and not be stuck in a endless self-critical thought loop. Met up with a friend over dinner on Thursday, and then bumped into another friend the same night as we joked and laughed around walking near Katong. Met up with the EF group on Friday night, and did the traditional game night - we were meeting up after about a month of covid restrictions, so that was fun. Spent Sunday afternoon at a lunch with some folks from the startup world, and then chatted around with college friends on Sunday evening. One thing i realized recently is how people are getting caught up with political viewpoints and getting stuck in them(all the more nowadays) - not being able to recognize the other side of the story. i need to be aware of this cognitive flaw and keep my identity open as much as possible. Getting tribal harms us and closes our minds to free thoughts.

Anyway, keep hammerin’


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