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Pulling the plug | Report 243

30 Aug 2021 . category: report . Comments
#radicali #startup #singapore #fitness #travel

Welcome to #243

It has been one of those weeks that could change a lot for me. After a fair amount of deliberation, i took a decision to stop active development on Radicali. i’ll be writing a separate blog about the decision and learnings, but the short summary is that we couldn’t hit enough traction to convince investors, and i started having doubts about our ability to hit product-market fit going into the future. We communicated the same with the team last week, and are now exploring options to make the most with our current IP/product.

One of my goals now is to lead a happy and peaceful life. In the last couple years, i grinded hard but lived a happy, but anxious life.

i immediately jumped on to my long list of to-dos, and started planning the next 3-4 months. i am currently talking to as many people in the industry to get an idea of where opportunities lie for me, and what would be most suitable considering my current state of finances and mindset. i brainstormed an idea around building communities for indiehackers in India, and started validation with a few friends. i’m currently looking into upskilling myself on blockchain development(Solidity), and frontend development(React and Kotlin). i’m fairly interested in working on microsaas/saas products that can be marketed and sold in a PLG fashion. i attended a couple webinars organized by AWS & Stripe, and talked to people in the startup community in India - and the Bangalore circle is calling me towards it :)

As part of this move, i’ll mostlikely be moving back to India within a month or so, and that involves a fair amount of administrative work i need to take care of. i aim to start off on some consultancy/contractual projects parallely while exploring saas products to keep the finances healthy. i’m planning travelling options for the rest of the year as well, which is exciting to say the least. i’ve realized that it is hard for me to turn off my mind, and i am constantly thinking about future projects or activities, forgetting about the present. Especially now that i have a certain amount of freed up time, i should utilize it wisely.

On the fitness front, i put in 3 runs and 3 BJJ sessions this week in addition to a cycling session with friends. i didn’t put in any gym or yoga workouts this week, plan to change that around soon. i’ve hurt my elbow during JiuJitsu, and it’s forcing me to take some days off from active sparring - i’ll be taking it slow for a few more days before going to the physio.

This Sunday morning, i headed out to run down the Rifle Range Road, but took detour after detour and landed upon one of the most beautiful sights i’ve ever seen - discovered the Singapore Quarry, bang in the middle of nowhere. There’s so much to explore in this country, and i’m gonna crush my bucket list in September.

i lost my way on the NoFap streak as i lost some motivation in the middle of the week. i’ve realized that routine and a drive keeps me accountable to a great degree, and i need to keep alive the drive going forward. Currently on Day 4, planning to extend this till Day 10 at the least.

Keep hammerin’


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