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Ideas are aplenty | Report 245

14 Sep 2021 . category: report . Comments
#startup #singapore #fitness #travel

Welcome to #245.

The last week was heavy on ideation, where i explored three different problems in detail. One of them was regarding setup of the data engineering stack for a startup, where we spoke with the team members to scope the complexity of the task at hand. i even prepared a technical proposal and presented it to senior management for alignment. On another day, i went over the PLG idea and geeked out over different customer conversations, trying to build the hypothesis in my head. On the side, i am in talks with a SG-based startup regarding potential roles, and this is an exciting possibility because of the growth potential they show!

The more i explore ideas, the more opportunities seem to come up - at some point, i would have to assess everything and take a call because i can’t afford to keep burning cash forever. Definitely not now, a lot that could happen.

This week’s goal is to make progress on the ‘Learnings Blog’, i have been procrastinating it just because of the mental gymnastics it involves. i think it’s important to do it while things are still fresh in my mind, otherwise i wouldn’t be making the most of this backpropogation opportunity.

On the fitness front, i logged two runs, 1 yoga sessions, 1 leg workout at the gym and 3 BJJ sessions. The nofap streak was broken on Day 8, currently going strong on Day 4. i won’t be able to log any workouts this week, more on this below.

This Saturday was quite the roller-coaster, as i met up with a couple friends to discuss their startup idea over lunch, and then headed out to the West Coast(RSYC) for our yacht party. Met the captain of the yacht, and instantly loved the concept of sailing as soon as we got onboard. We took a lot of photos, played karaoke in the cabins, and also dived into the sea for kayaking and swimming around. Unfortunately, i swam a little further away and stepped onto a sea urchin spoiling the rest of my weekend. It wasn’t very painful, and our captain got me some hot water to soak my stung foot and told me to beat the shit out of my foot to break the urchin spines. Meanwhile, i wrecked my GoPro in the seawater - the second time that this has happened to me. No more GoPros!

i tried to do the hot water treatment on my foot on Sunday morning, but eventually decided to head out to the hospital. i was told that this would require an operation with anesthesia, so many firsts for me in the space of a couple days. Anyway, i went through the whole ordeal and was discharged from the hospital on Monday afternoon with an astronomical bill. i don’t understand the medical world, modern medicine is like an expensive god.

It was an exercise in gratitude, all hospital visits are. While going up in the lift, i noticed that Cancer Treatment was on Level 9, while my ward was on Level 10. i escaped it by one floor, i thought.

After some deliberation with my girlfriend, we decided that it was best for us to part ways. i’d not been feeling confident about the relationship working in the long term, and had to face my subconscious self. the sunk cost had to be cut, because it gets tougher. we took a one week break and i realized that it’s best for me to focus on my career and move on. My heart didn’t feel very good about the decision, and my emotional self took over last night - but i hope my brain is taking the right decision for the long term.

Keep hammerin’


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