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Work is Gas | Report 246

20 Sep 2021 . category: report . Comments
#startup #singapore #travel #fitness

Welcome to 246.

i was talking to a senior earlier this week, discussing work-life balance and he told me, “Work is like Gas - it’ll take the shape of whatever container you wish to put it in”.

i have been focusing on a couple major tasks for the majority of my working time last week. Spent some time scoping out the MVP for an idea, and got a team ready to execute from this week onwards. This process is very exciting and important, especially on the co-founder alignment piece. i spent some time on the data engineering project as well, connecting sources together with Databricks for experiments. Parallely, i talked to four potential startups/companies to discuss potential collaboration options - i’m establishing contact and putting all of these on the backburner to focus on the important projects right now.

i’ve realized that although i’ve packed my schedule with work and play, i’m still living a highly stress-free life. This is something i realized recently - stress doesn’t come from the role or the company or the situation, it comes from our perception of those things. A few weeks earlier, i was going over the big decision tree in front of me - now i’ve accepted the uncertainties, relying on wherever my interest takes me organically.

i did a couple followup visits to my doctor to get my foot checked, and thankfully everything is recovering well. i was able to hit the gym this weekend, although my changed gait is causing slight pain in my left hip and knee. i noticed myself fretting over minior incoveniences and making too much out of nothing as i worried about how my foot would recover - the human body is amazing, and can recover from almost anything!

This week was a washout on the fitness front, as my foot was plastered. Hope to restart things slowly over this week. On the NoFap front, i relapsed on Day 5 and then again on Day 4, not ideal. Since there was no workout schedule, my morning sunlight routine fell through as well - this shall be fixed from tomorrow.

The weekend was a lot of fun, as a bunch of friends met up on Friday night for board games. Spent Saturday by myself, caught up with a few folks and hit the gym. Visited a good friend for lunch on Sunday, and then explored the Malay Heritage Center near Arab Street. This place had been on my bucket list for some time, Singapore’s history is fascinating. Had Chinese mala for dinner in Chinatown, followed by some dessert and roaming around. Human connection is beautiful, gives energy to life :)

i’m planning to become more regular on Twitter from now, in order to get better at structuring my thoughts and documenting my learnings - all the while building a personal brand. Go follow!

Keep hammerin’


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