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Everything in life is a bonus | Report 247

27 Sep 2021 . category: report . Comments
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Welcome to 247.

i met up with a senior yesterday evening, and he said something that struck. “Everything that i had to achieve is done, now everything that comes my way is just bonus”. i feel that this is the mindset that liberates a person from the day-to-day, and sets up the foundation to live a fulfilled life. i shall live life with this mental model, while still being driven to do more.

i have dived head-first into a startup idea, and for the last week i’ve been spending time on everything from engineering, product, competition, hiring, to founder dynamics and long-term planning. Back to Day 0, things are exciting!

i’ve had to say no to a few folks as i’ve decided to go down the startup route, it doesn’t come to me naturally - however, it’s important for me to do so to protect my time and the relationship’s health.

i had quite a few work calls/meetings in Singapore, trying to make up the most of the last few weeks here - learnt a bunch! i’ve been managing some administrative work as well, and that takes a good amount of bandwidth too. Caught up with a bunch of friends over dinner and calls as well, i feel like i need a CRM to manage my network now XD

On the fitness front, i put in one slightly painful run to return from the urchin sting layoff. i also put in two gym workouts over the weekend, while logging in two yoga and three BJJ sessions(Open Guard and Side Control) over the week. My morning routine has been on point - i try to head out of the house first thing in the morning to get the sunlight in my eyes, feels like a nice dopamine hit. Exercise in the morning followed by a cold shower has kept the energy levels high. On NoFap, i relapsed on Day 5 last time round - currently standing strong on Day 5.

i followed a no-laptop Sunday policy this time round - spent over three hours at the National Museum! Learnt a few new things about Singapore’s history, especially around the colonial era and Japanase occupation(Syonan-to) in the 1940s. What stood out to me was how propogandist the whole setup feels, while they talk about Japanese propoganda - it is very intriguing how the common citizen can’t see through the narrative. i was very impressed by the extravaganza of the museum though, especially the audio-visual design elements, kudos!

Couple big weeks ahead, gotta keep hammerin’


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