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Last couple weeks in Singapore, and earning the third stripe on my White Belt | Report 248

09 Oct 2021 . category: report . Comments
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Welcome to #248.

It’s been a busy couple weeks, as i prepared for the exit from Singapore. Currently writing his blog in freehad from 30 thousand feet in the air, maximizing the time i have been given!

i have been working with Divyansh on Housware, joining in a co-founder capacity. We’ve been ideating over the product vision and our GTM strategy. The customer interview phase is beautiful, because we have complete control over the next 6-12 months with our strategy. i’m spending my time studying the landscape and figuring out the right whitespace for us to enter into.

i was finding it slightly difficult to juggle between dev and strategy, and the admin work involved with the country moves didn’t make it easier. i had to control my working hours to maintain bakancce, but over the last week things stabilized as i caught up with a bunch of folks before leaving.

If there’s ever a conjecture that is definitely unsolvable - it must be “How to live life”. Or probably Gautam Buddha solved it?

One thing that Divyansh and i have agreed upon is about optimizing for energy and fun at work. Starting up is hard enough, you don’t want to make it harder :)

Last weekend, i visited the island Pulau Ubin and ran a 10K out in the sun! it was a lot of fun having that solitary cardio time to myself, my last one in Singapore. Last week, i earned the 3rd stripe on my BJJ White Belt. This Wednesday was my last class and coach was super kind as he let me spar with everone in a long 2.5 hour session! i haven’t been lifting regularly, but hope to get back into routine in India. Currently weighing 61.5KG, i aim to hit 65 by end of year. On the nofap front, i maintained two streaks of 8 & 5 days over the past couple weeks.

September 2021

The last three nights were spent packing my luggage, and it felt very much like solving the Knapsack problem. i Marie Kondo-ed my wardrobe, and will now write my backpropogation blog before wrapping up for the week.

Keep hammerin’


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