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The temple of Bengaluru | Report

25 Oct 2021 . category: report . Comments
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Welcome to #250

This week began at 6 in the AM on Monday morning, at the Bengaluru airport, sleep-deprived but relieved to be back at the holy temple for the ones that practice the religion of software.

Checked in to our Airbnb in Indiranagar, and then headed off to a cafe to plan out our days. We got an office space from Tuesday onwards, and the days have all merged together in a clumsy memory now. i finally got back to active development after so long(crud ftw), and felt really productive in the first few days. Have been trying to balance my thinking time with execution time, while taking care of the administratives as well. i’ve learnt a bunch on data engineering in the last few weeks, and that’s good progress as well. i need to improve on maintaining accountability on my end and everyone working with me, because this is something that needs to be built right in from Day 1. We also did a weekend session discussing a POC which could help us build out the long-term vision for the product.

i’ve been to a couple house viewings in the search for home sweeet home. There’s been a bunch of new restaurants that we’ve been visiting for our meals - it’s good fun! One cool thing about this place is how spontaneous meetups with friends/strangers are, it’s almost everyday that you run across someone you know.

i met up with the college wing on Friday night at a new place in Kora, spending the better part of the evening talking about work, relationships, life. Time flies away with people you like. i met up with the Singapore friend group on Sunday night as we watched the World Cup cursing India along the way. Played a few games, and caught up with everything happening in their lives - lot of fun. i went out on a first date on Saturday night, a slightly nervous experience but i love the feeling it generates within me. Talking and getting along with strangers you like is a hard thing to get good at, guess this is what they say is the hard thing about hard things. Adult joke, shit.

On the fitness front, i got in two short runs at a nearby park, a couple hotel gym workouts, and one BJJ session at the new-found dojo! i bought myself another pair of Asics Nimbus, always fun to break into new shoes.

Keep hammerin’


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