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Going wide at work, finding the next home, Diwali Poker and Sugar! | Report 251

06 Nov 2021 . category: report . Comments
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Welcome to #251, a 2-week report this time. And Happy Diwali to y’all!

Fresh banger by the Young Stunners, this is on loop right now

The first week was heavy on backend development, as i wrote a bunch of API integrations. i’ve been reading up on data engineering this week to stay savvy. We had a bunch of external meetings recently that have kept us busy as well. i reflected on the two weeks Divyansh and i worked together in BLR - we got better at making quick decisions, building a hive mind and infecting each other with energy. The few things i need to get better are clocking contiguous hours of deep work, as well as documenting our discussions/decisions to prepare for remote.

i took quite a few Ubers in Bangalore in the househunt project, and eventually found a nice 2bhk that is hopefully home for the next few years. i took a flight to Bombay last Friday, and spent my time in the air penning down the ideal lifestlye i shall optimize for. Time and effort required to set up a sweet workstation, a sweeter chillstation - excited!

This week has been heavy on socializing with three poker nights around Diwali, a good reset for me to stay close with family and friends. There’s a lot of sugar going around, but i’ve managed to consume in moderation. i got gifted an iPhone, spent a good percentage of a day setting it up - i’m a part of the ecosystem now. i looked at my budgeting sheet and planned finances, talked to an investment manager to discuss potential ideas here and also did some stock trading on Diwali day!

i’m continuing conversations with my date from previous weeks, excited to see where this leads. This aspect of life is quite important i’ve realized - otherwise things become one-dimensional and boring. Masala is fun :)

On the fitness front, i’ve been visiting a hilly running track that recently opened up in our colony - i’ve put in 5 runs since coming back to Bombay, in addition to 3 NTC workouts at home. All workouts have been executed in the morning, good sleep routine is configured. i’m currently going strong on Day 9 of the nofap streak. Everyone in my family is currently down with a viral fever, but i’m holding up well with my immunity putting up a brave fight - hope i can get through this unfazed.

Keep hammerin’


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