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WFH turning out productive! | Report 252

17 Nov 2021 . category: report . Comments
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Welcome to Report #252!

Writing this late on a Tuesday night, fighting my urge to sleep - but i need to finish what i’ve started.

Last week was spent entirely at home in Bombay, back to work from a nice Diwali break. Mondays are a lot of fun after a long weekend, and i wasn’t disappointed. i was able to devote a good amount of time to POCs on data engineering and planning the weeks as i put in contiguous hours of deep work. Currently in the process of writing PRD/vision for a new project, and that’s keeping my brain working on full-clock.

We reflected on the kind of team/culture we are building, and how we need to be documenting our journey here. Spent a good amount of time talking to potential team members as well.

On the fitness front, i put in 4 hill runs and 2 NTC workouts at home. i could sense improvements in my lung capacity as i increased my frequency and pace on the upward slopes, felt amazing! i broke my NoFap streak on Day 17, a good healthy one this time round.

Naval talks about building a house full of love - how fortunate am i to get that by default when i was born. Leaving home is getting more and more difficult as i get older.

The weekend was heavy on transit and fun - caught up with a college friend after about five years, listened to Tim Ferris, Naval and Dixon teach NFTs as i flew to BLR. Got possession of my new house in Cox Town, and spent the rest of the day getting the house ready. The next few days are going to be heavy on administrative matters, i need to stick to the calendar.

This entire experience of a lifestyle reset over the last month or so has taught me a few good things about our day-to-day. Nothing is permanent, and it is probably good to do a revamp of routine and location every few years to keep sure i am not stagnating. The identity and ego grows and shrinks as the soul goes through times of flux.

Keep hammerin’


Shubhankar is an awesome person. He's Co-Founder & CTO of Houseware, building the command center for modern revenue teams. In his spare time, he likes to go out on runs!