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Whirlwind welcome week in Bengaluru | Report 253

21 Nov 2021 . category: report . Comments
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Welcome to #253

Sitting and writing this at the end of the week is one of the best things i do in life. Man, this is powerful. Reflecting on what’s been happening in life over the last few years.

At work, we shipped out our version of the product and onboarded the first set of users! There’s more that happened that will be included as part of future blogs. The workstation at my new home is coming along slowly, building my dream studio one piece at a time. i received feedback that my introductions are not powerful enough, working on building a visual picture in people’s minds when they meet me for the first time.

i’ve been reading up a bit about web3 and imagining where SaaS is moving in the long-term. Need to spend more time thinking here before building a strong thesis. i scheduled a good set of my investments on mutual funds this week, not signing up with any wealth managers yet. i’ve not kept up with my reading habit for a long time - but now that i’ll settle down into a routine, i need to get back to running through my bookshelves!

On the fitness front, i put in four workouts at the society gym and two NTC workouts at home. Beautiful gym that i get entirely to myself, what a privilege! The running track is a couple kilometers away and that’s why i couldn’t sneak in any runs this week. Earlier today, i bought myself a BTwin Rockrider, morning bike rides and runs will soon take centerstage! The last week was stressful and i relapsed multiple times on nofap, not the ideal way to deal with it. Fresh start with Day 1 today!

The sleep routine has been maintained well, but i’ll be turning up the notch with 5:30AM wake up times this week onwards. i plan to put Jocko-like watch picture on socials to keep me accountable. Met up with the Singapore friend gang this Saturday, good times catching up. Didn’t have much time to socialize otherwise.

No factor.

Keep hammering.


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