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Settling into a routine | Getting back to Tennis & JiuJitsu! | Report 254

28 Nov 2021 . category: report . Comments
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Welcome to #254

At work, we planned out our goals for the rest of the year. i journalled my thoughts on paper to get clarity on my thought process, and spent some time writing out our hiring plan. i realized i need to get much better at communications, good feedback received here. My psychology needs to improve to handle the impostor syndrome. Spent my Friday working from a nearby cafe as i caught up on my reading list!

i am starting to establish a routine in my day-to-day, and things feel much more stable now. i started the practice of posting my wake-up times on social, good feedback loop established. i’ve been crashing on the bed in exhaustion, the best way to fall asleep! i haven’t gotten back to starting a reading practice yet.

On the fitness front, i put in one short run along the Ulsoor lake, 3 quick workouts at the gym, 2 BJJ classes(back control and De La Riva), 1 tennis session, and lots of cycling around! i got myself a brand new Wilson ProStaff 97 this Saturday, the Federer swing is loading. The BJJ community at IJJ is amazing, play fighting is such a beautiful human connection that we seem to have forgotten. i’m currently on Day 4 of the NoFap streak. i’m exploring my neighborhood biking around, and also getting lost every now and then! No rest days this week, body feels okay but not great - will be turning up the knob on nutrition in December.

This Thursday evening, i met up with my date - enjoyed our time together! Met up with Divyansh on Saturday and Preet on Sunday, caught up on life. i’ve now started maintaining a list of people to meet/talk to on a regular basis, need to come up with a system for this routine.

There was a sudden death in my father’s side of the family - a good reminder of what this is all about. Everything’s going to be dust. Memento Mori.

i had a couple glasses of wine for the taste and experience, need to cut it from the system now. NoFap, Sugar, Alcohol etc - these are slippery slopes that will be hard to get back once the momentum carries me to the other side.

Keep hammering.


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