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Long-term thinking, short-term progress | Weekend getaway to Goa! | Report 255

07 Dec 2021 . category: report . Comments
#houseware #startup #bangalore #goa #fitness

Welcome to #255

At work, i spent some time thinking about our ‘long-term why’ and trying to answer a few questions directed towards us over the last few weeks. i worked on the data engineering stack, getting it ready for deploy while maintaining access controls. Divyansh and i did our monthly ‘good,bad,ugly’ exercise last week, which is our internal review process. Excited for the last few weeks in the year with the goal of getting our product to a mature production-ready state!

On the fitness front, i put in a short run and two gym workouts in Bangalore. i was feeling under the weather for a day and rested myself on Tuesday. JiuJitsu-ed in Goa, more on that below!

i took a bus to Goa on Thursday night and spent three days+two nights exploring the areas around Anjuna, Vagator, and Calangute. Attended JiuJitsu classes where we worked on attacking from mount, training in an open-air setting is so much better! Sparred a bit, always inspired by watching higher belts get after it. i scooted around Goa’s roads visiting cafes and getting a taste of the nightlife as well. i had one bira pint, and nothing after that - proud to have set my limits on alcohol.

Walks on the beach are beautiful and humbling, takes the mind completely out of the day-to-day into a different state of consciousness. Listening to other people’s life stories makes me think about mine, and how there are so many experiences being forged in real-time all around the world while we feel that we are the only ones having a special existence. Travel reminds me that all i have is this body and this mind, all material possessions are extra and nice-to-have.

Got my kitchen into a working state last week, inaugrated it with my favorite dal khichidi. Started reading Kundalini by Om Swami, a book on the origins of the primordial energy - very interesting reading stories about the Gods. My wake-up times went out for a toss last week, and so have my morning energy levels. Need to get this fixed asap with early morning workouts this week onwards.

Still a few weeks left in ‘21. Keep hammering.


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