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Celebrating the New Year, a trip to Alibaug, and contracting Covid! | Report 258

03 Jan 2022 . category: report . Comments
#new year #travel #fitness

Welcome to #258, welcome to 2022!

The last week of the year was easy on work, as i relaxed hard. Wrote the year-end recap blog, caught up on a bit of email/slack and planned for the year ahead.

i went on a 2-day trip with the family to the Nagaon-Varsoli-Alibaug beach stretch earlier in the week, a good time to just chill out and be. Visited a bunch of the beaches, ran a quick 2K and did 50 pushups with my Dad on the white sand. The Revdanda fort was a cool destination to check out, and so were the love-emitting dogs that i found in our hotel and on the beaches. Love is such a beautiful emotion that crosses species.

i did a flip-through read on the book “Positioning: the battle for your mind”, interesting insights into how to think about product/human messaging from the prospect’s point of view. i also started reading a book on the human gut biology, very interesting stuff about this long pipe running from one end of the body to the other. i have been watching educational videos on NFT trading and cryptocurrencies in general, my Web3 notes have now started to become more like pages and pages of disorganized learnings which need to be structured better.

i was supposed to travel to Bangalore earlier on Sunday, but i received a Covid positive test result which means i’m held up in Bombay for the next few days at least. i’m pretty much asymptomatic except for a few sneezes here and there, these are mostlikely Omicron(or Xi) symptoms. The third wave is here and live. Watched Dr. Malone on JRE this weekend, where they talk about the Mass Formation Psychosis, which seems like exactly what’s happening to the educated population at scale - this world is such a fascinating science lab of long-running human experiments.

On the fitness front, i put in 4 short runs totaling up to roughly 10K, 2 home workouts on NTC and 6 flexibility workouts on Stretchit. i’ve started out on the ‘Touch your Toes’ 15 day challenge, and my hamstrings cry everyday. i’m currently doing some research on the 6-pack Abs program so that i can structure it into my routine.

Keep hammering!


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