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Irregularity and Acceptance | Report 265

07 Mar 2022 . category: report . Comments
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Welcome to 265!

Work was a lot of fun as we had intense discussions on how the product would shape up. Went deeper into the abstracts, and jammed with the folks in-person as almost the entire team has come down to Bengaluru for a couple weeks. Started off with our security audit, good learnings for us.

The family landed in Bangalore earlier this Wednesday, showed them around the city on Thursday and bid them goodbye on Saturday. My sister’s starting her hostel life this week, feels just like yesterday i opened the doors at GN 313. Life’s in flux for everyone around, and it won’t have the same rate of change forever - feels good to live it in the present.

i’d caught a cold earlier in the week, but i beat it off in a couple days time without it affecting my work productivity. Everytime the virus hits me, i can figure something’s wrong at least 24 hours before - and that’s a sign of a healthy mind-body connection. Weird thing to be proud of, but i love my immunity.

Routine in daily life can get irregular with all the unpredictable changes. Accepting that a bad day is different from a bad life, taking it in the stride - acceptance is the way out. i’ve realized that taking hard feedback and holding the uncomfortable thought in the head, without passing judgements should be the aim.

On the fitness front, i put in one run, two gym workouts, 1 tennis session and a bunch of abs+stretching workouts. Clay tennis is bliss, i sometimes wish whether i could live the rest of my life just playing tennis. BJJ has been off track for a couple weeks, time to get back on the line.

The weekend was irregular to say the least, but i managed to rest and regain all energy. Met a bunch of folks and had good conversations about life, work and fintech. Bangalore’s fun that way.

Keep hammerin’


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