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A sick man has only one problem | Report 267

21 Mar 2022 . category: report . Comments
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Welcome to 267.

The week was a short one owing to Holi on Friday, but i made it shorter with my misfortune. My stomach decided it was time to shut down, and i spent 3 days semi-dehydrated in recovery. A healthy man has a thousand problems, a sick man has only one. Had the feeling that something was off on Wednesday, started feeling it from Thursday, and started antibiotics on Saturday. i don’t like getting sick, but it’s a reminder of mortality – no amount of ego on this fragile body does me any good. Humbled the fuck down.

At work, i spent some time working on API contracts and scoping out our application. Excited watching the stuff that we’ve been building internally, been thinking of ways to get better at shipping velocity recently. Realized the three things we all need to get better at understanding: history, people and the market – to figure our best steps forward.

Headed to Bombay to celebrate Holi over the weekend, but spent a good amount resting my intestines instead. Walked around the colony with family, and talked about everything under the stars. Going home is an important exercise in grounding, keeps me rooted to what it all means for people that really matter. Heard Sadhguru on Rogan recently, and that conversation gave me a bunch to process as well. Such a complex puzzle life is!

On the fitness front, i put in two gym workouts, 1 abs and 1 stretching session. It’s probably been the longest layoff i’ve seen in years, but i shall be back on track soon. It’s been over a week since i’ve been on Sunsama, and the hour tracking is helping keep things in check - ensures i don’t overcommit on any given day. More importantly, keeps away the nagging doubt that i might be missing something on my schedule.

Keep hammerin’


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