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Hitting PRs every week | Report 270

10 Apr 2022 . category: report . Comments
#houseware #startup #bengaluru #fitness

Welcome to 270!

It seems like i’m hitting PRs every week when it comes to understanding myself and optimizing for life. With each PR, the mind/body needs enough rest and foreshadowing; all bullshit shall be cut out. Recently read somewhere about emotional fitness, and how it requires a daily practice - not very different from putting in that hour at the gym everyday. For me, the natural tendency is to have enough silence to backpropogate and write my thoughts, first unstructured and then compiled. Code first flows on the editor, and then should be linted before getting compiled.

At work, i spent lesser time writing code and spent more time doing reviews, integrations, POCs, brainstorming and candidate conversations. Need to improve shipping velocity, my ability to grasp the team’s pulse and our ability to make quick decisions and pivots while building. Things move fast, but taking a breath slows them down; life’s a single-player game.

Met Gyani, Dhruv and rest of the upper back wing on Monday evening over dinner: one thing i love about these meetings are the conversations. Very very smart men, enthusiastic about life with orthogonal views. i remember our conversations about space exploration, socialism with AGI, and what’s worth putting effort into!

Had a chat with my grandfather who’s going through injections for arthiritis. i’m currently at a cafe typing out this blog where i overheard a couple fighting over something petty. Everyone’s living such a different life. As Rogan says, the hardest thing in your life is the hardest thing in your life.

Fitness sucked to the core this week: need to improve my schedule to make things work. Took two complete rest days and didn’t put in any gym workout. Put in one run, one BJJ sparring session and a bunch of stretching/ab workouts. Had a beautiful Saturday evening with myself, as i hit the sauna after my stretch: 73 degrees for 25 minutes had me sweat heavy from head to toe. Spent the Sunday morning livestream the IJJ folks fight it out in Pune, and grab two gold medals - so much fun watching the boys hit the kimuras, heel hooks and triangles!

Made myself some chicken curry after a long time, the kitchen is a fun lab. Keep hammerin’


Shubhankar is an awesome person. He's Co-Founder & CTO of Houseware, building the command center for modern revenue teams. In his spare time, he likes to go out on runs!