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Experiences, not things! | Report 271

19 Apr 2022 . category: report . Comments
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Welcome to 271!

Work started off strong, as we had an early end to the week on Wednesday. i attended a couple in-person meetings which always add energy to the day, giving a sense of physical progress not just tied to the screen. i focused quite a bit of my time on infrastructure-as-code, as we finished a migration of production environments. Took the downtime on Thursday to think big-picture and the coming few months, how i should be spending my time. Routine’s been cut-to-cut, as i always fight in this artificial battle against time!

Took the Thursday night flight to Delhi, and met up with Abhishek on Friday morning in Karol Bagh. Headed out to Lodhi Gardens for a 5K run and then Connaught Place for breakfast – lot of memories loaded in these small periods of new experiences. We visited Humayun’s tomb where we raced up stairs and sprinted across the rooftop, learnt a bit of history and then spent the evening at Sunder’s nursery trying to appreciate the flowers and tombs. Partied at Hauz Khas and observed human behavior all day long, such a different population Delhi folks are. Most importantly, caught up with Abhishek after so long and even though so much has changed, many things haven’t. Got a first-hand view of the UPSC aspirants as they headed to their classes on a holiday, it’s scary to be reminded of the days when i prepared for JEE.

Hotel-hopped and spent the weekend in Aerocity for Avni’s wedding - danced on Sangeet, survived on 4 hours of sleep throughout and had a whole lot of conversations. i realized dance is very similar to martial arts, and is something that i can get much better at with practice, need to take classes! Met up with Sodhi for breakfast on the next edition of our airport meetups. Up next i shall plan a London trip! Overall, an amazing weekend, too much to digest and too much to think about my behavior as well.

On the fitness front, i put in two BJJ sessions(learnt Single-leg X Guard, wrestled and sparred), one run at the Lodhi Gardens, 1 leg workout that had my DOMS activated for 3 days, and one swim session at the wedding for recovery.

Breaking the routine is fun once in a while - helps me change the mindspace and reset. By the way, Casey dropped a new video today - a beautiful day indeed!

Keep hammerin’


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