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Sleep is the enemy | Report 273

07 May 2022 . category: report . Comments
#houseware #startup #fitness

Welcome to 273.

Work was intense this week as we teed off to user onboardings on Friday. A couple late nights on the keyboard ensued, this keeps me in check with my work stamina - it’s analogous to hitting that 20K Cubbon run every once in a while. Product readiness, design, and attention to detail are few things that i need to be thinking about, at least in our current iteration. One thing that i’ve slowly started to understand is that i need to adapt my/team’s work style quickly with the stage of our product. Focus areas should keep shifting.

If i had a superpower, i would eliminate sleep altogether for all of humanity. Weird how this has not been rectified in the millions of years of evolution. Probably because before the invention of electricity, night time was basically rendered unavailable – and the human body would better recover in that time period. i hope someone figures this out for us future beings, i don’t like how just an extra couple hours of sleep can turn around overall work output. For the time being, i need to be more protective of my sleep routine - been running on 6 hours this entire week!

On the fitness front, i put in three days at the gym, 1 run at Cubbon, a couple ab workouts, a couple stretches and one intense sauna session. Skipped BJJ this weekend, will be only getting back on the mat next week onwards. Had a throat infection scare mid-week, but my immunity acted up early and the virus has been neutralized. No factor.

Beautiful bunch of updates following here: went out on a couple date nights and i have a really good feeling about this working out in the long term. Intellectual conversations are balanced with sillyness every now and then, and that’s how we humans are built. i’ll try to not SWOT this out, and go with my intuition. Time to go depth-first search.

Met Pratyaksh over lunch on Tuesday, caught up on life. It was a solitary workday on account of Eid, and these kinda no-call days are the best way to crank out high impact work. Learnt about the sudden death of a fellow grappler from our BJJ gym: i can read all about Marcus Aurelius everyday but nothing hits you like the actuality of mortality.

Nothing that can be done. All i can do is, “keep hammering”.


Shubhankar is an awesome person. He's Co-Founder & CTO of Houseware, building the command center for modern revenue teams. In his spare time, he likes to go out on runs!