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Work, Surf, Run, Live, Love | Report 274

15 May 2022 . category: report . Comments
#houseware #startup #bengaluru #travel #goa

Welcome to 274!

Writing the draft of this blog from Baba Au Ruhm in Anjuna, having some kashmiri kahwa and reflecting on the last few days and months. The music here is inspired from Lord Shiva, nowadays i seem to find Mahadev references everywhere - the selection bias is real!

At work, i wrapped up one leg of a project that i’d been working heavily over the last couple weeks. Had a bunch of in-person meetings over the week, and the energy carried me over the line. Good set of learnings around analytics engineering and building empathy for how/when i’m showcasing work. Realized that sometimes i don’t give the right amount of time to the most important things - my task list should not dictate my priorities. i should always have the freedom to override the schedule if the situation deserves my unlimited time & attention.

Been observing the recession in the market and what it means for us as a startup - it’s fascinating! i like self-inflicted struggle, because it imposes constraints and forces me to do what’s most important. The world imposing these constraints is even better, because now we play the game at a bigger scale. We rethink how we go to market, and these questions are good to grapple with.

i hosted Dad who’d come to Bangalore over the weekend - good fun talking about life, seeing his dedication to work is always inspiring. Met up with Divyansh after a good couple weeks - need to figure the right place for us to spend time together, decompress and talk despite our different routines. Realized that i needed a break as i’d been non-stop at work after the Delhi trip: the hamster wheel of Sunsama needs to be plugged out every now and then!

On the fitness front, i put in 3 gym sessions, 1 ab workout, a couple hours surfing the Arabian sea and a quick hike up the mountains. Not the ideal week, but i’m glad i got in what i did. Crashed my hip on the beach while surfing, but things are back to normal after a day of icing.

Hit Goa over the long weekend with the girl - i somehow have this test criteria in my head about being able to travel with your partner and enjoying it. Travel throws unexpected situations, and seeing how well we complement each other is the simulation. After about one month, i feel strong about our value alignment and am ready to take this to the next level. Spent a good amount of time at the Artjuna and Mojigao cafes, packed our Sunday with unplanned adventures on the surfboard, beach caves and mountain hikes. Visited Baga at night and was reminded how prevalent prostitution is in this world. Keri, Arambol, Anjuna, and Vagator were conquered. Beautiful holiday with intense conversations about life, a good amount of vlog recordings on the GoPro/iPhone, and plans about our future. Met a couple local Goans and listened to them talk about their day-to-day, it’s definitely on the list of places where i’d like to live for long periods of time. As an aside, realized that i can optimize for relationship building, but love has to be serendipitous.

i hadn’t opened Sunsama/Slack in about 48 hours and that’s a good thing. Came back into the week on Tuesday recharged, although a little low on sleep. No factor, keep hammerin’


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