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Plans are nothing, Planning is everything | Report

26 Jun 2022 . category: report . Comments
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Eisenhower said, “Plans are nothing, Planning is everything”. The kind of mike drops that make you think!

Our team headed out for a workation at a villa couple hours from Bangalore, where we spent a good amount of time looking back, looking forward and then planning. The five days together were great to know each other better, as we played, ran, swam, shared our life stories, watched movies, worked, and then worked a bit more. Makes me feel grateful for the life we live, where high-quality work becomes indistinguishable from fun.

i was listening to Ryan Holiday on Rogan, listening to the story of the Stoics makes me believe even more in the value of doing difficult things. Obstacle is the Way, and what’s the point in doing anything that’s easy.

The week was pretty much a time warp in the villa, as we worked and played, meal after meal. The sceneries were beautiful, as we explored a bunch of trails nearby. Saw a bunch of kids walking kilometers to get to their school in the morning, chatting and having fun on the way – acceptance of reality unlocks peace, something Bikram talked about in his ‘session by the pool’.

On the trails, i witnessed something i’ll never forget: The caretakers of our villa had two pet dogs, who were leading us on our trail through the private jungle properties. All of a sudden, the dogs started running towards a tree about 25 meters apart, and i was wondering what the hell happened – a couple seconds later, i saw a rabbit sprinting right across as the dogs chased it down. This was stuff straight out of NatGeo, i was jumping in excitement, and from what we could gather, the rabbit escaped! Something primal about this, i’m gonna figure out how i can learn archery & hunt!

Seneca says, “You treat the body rigorously, so it will not be disobedient to the mind”. i put in two runs along the hills and highways of Tamil Nadu, 3 swim sessions in the pool(and some pool dodge, water polo with the team), two gym workouts, one sauna sesh and a couple games of cricket. Didn’t sleep as well as i’d have wanted to, but made up for it on the weeekend.

Solitude this weekend has been fun, as i caught up with Anukshi and family over the interconnected network. Long-distance can sometimes be an indication of how things can work well in real life :))

Keep hammering.


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