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Work, Family & Friends! | Report

12 Jul 2022 . category: report . Comments
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“Beginnings always hide themselves in ends” - Mike Posner

It’s past mid-July, and time’s flying. i recently got confused whether it’s 2022 or 2021 - and had to check the calendar. A three-week report yet again, been a little difficult to find the right time and mindframe to write the blog over the last couple weekends.

Work’s been solid, a bunch of learnings in digestion mode - and that should be the goal. Always keep the brain in digestion mode! Came off strong from the workation, fiddled around a bit with Jupyter notebooks to reignite my love with Pandas!

Realized that my gut is right more often than not, and i need to start observing my gut reactions more often - overriding them with rationality is not that rational. Been doing a bunch of brain dumps to rethink how i should be spending my time and energies on a day-to-day basis, how i can bring out the passion in my work out to the external world. Default Mode Behavior often comes from the sub-conscious beliefs, and peeling them back is important to understand how we react. i remember solving questions from Irodov back in the day, geeking out on the variables and equations – solving questions about the self is even more fun! No equations, no rules!

i was out meeting a few folks this weekend and a 19-year old asked what’s something i’m proud of: without a lot of thinking, i replied, “mental strength. nothing can shake me”. i headed home to Bombay for a weekend earlier in July, and did some thinking around Q3 on the trip. Growth is needed on the Interface, the Class Attributes are fine. Learnt about the concept of becoming N(1) in life, becoming the rarest of individuals, in life, work and elsewhere.

On the fitness front, things have been not as good as i would’ve liked – but i’ve stayed consistent. Week 1: 3 runs, 1 workout, Week 2: 2 runs, 2 workouts, couple stretches. Week 3: 1 run, 2 gym workouts, 2 home workouts, 1 sauna.

Spent a relatively chill weekend at Bombay - caught up with the sister on her college, ran up the hills, trespassed a few roads and enjoyed the rains. Had a fun couple of 4:30am mornings as I rushed to catch my flights, and just like how Huberman likes it, i got my adrenaline hit. i’ve been spending weekends well, watched Djokovic kick ass in the Wimbledon finals and caught up with Gee after about an year, as i showed her around the city! Met a few new people in life, quite some fun to experiment different introductions and personnas. The family just wrapped up their trip to Ladakh, recording 73 GBs of visuals on the GoPro: braving the conditions and age, definitely not an easy climb. Happy for them, happy for me, thankful. Anukshi’s been a rock, thankful.

Keep hammerin’


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