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Stay Hard | Report 279

31 Jul 2022 . category: report . Comments
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Welcome to 279!

i realized that a lot many lower/middle-class kids in India head into the ‘stay hard’ life right from the beginning. JEE is said to be one of the hardest exams in the world, and so many of us put our hearts into. Hard things are fun, stay hard! One of the days this week, i felt really grateful after talking to friends while heading home from work – some nights feel full & fulfilling after a well spent day.

Work was fun last week as i shuttled across different problem statements on different days. The novelty doesn’t die off – one day, i was preparing for a presentation, while another day i was very hands-on with everything happening in the sprint.

The penalty feedback game worked very well - and has helped me come up with a system around orienting my work around the energies i have during the day. i’m now trying to leaving some empty time in the day to lean in to whatever turns up as max necessity. This weekend, i jotted down learnings from the book/videos i’ve watched during the week and that session slowly morphed into more of a planning session for the coming weeks.

This week, i put in three gym workouts, two runs, one abs and one sauna session. Woke up between 7 & 7:30AM on 4 weekdays, while the other days were slightly less disciplined. Overall, feeling good about the body, looking to push it further this week on the workouts.

Spent a good amount of time with Anukshi over the weekend, and dived into a future-looking exercise in imagination and goal setting. Introduced her to the family, grateful to be able to do it this easily!

Broke my brain figuring the income tax DTAA deals b/w Singapore and India, and eventually handed it over to the tax consultants – a beautiful example of how to make money out of inefficiencies. On Mr.Ferriss recommendation, watched a quick documentary on WeWork’s rise & fall – good story, the world is never too dull!

Keep hammerin’


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