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10X Vs 10% | Report 280

07 Aug 2022 . category: report . Comments
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Welcome to 270, it’s August already!

This week was the beginning of a new sprint, and i spent a good amount of my time going deep into details of what we’re building. Love the feel of building, good productivity achieved with two work-from-home days in the middle as well. Didn’t go full throttle on some other pieces of the work puzzle, need to pick up the slack here. Timeboxed many candidate conversations on Wednesday, ended the week strong heading into the weekend with two major thoughts:

  • There’s the concept of going 10X Vs 10% in Product. You can continue building on the existing, and achieving incrementals by 10% while not risking much. Aiming for 10X is more courageous with a good chance of failure. True for work, true for life.
  • When aiming for a 10X, we value outcomes. When aiming for 10%, we value effort. At the current stage of life and company, i need to be thinking more 10X.

Quite some Leadership & Product mic-drops absorbed by osmosis this week as i listened to a few good podcasts on 20VC and Lenny. Progressed on Jeff Weiner’s talks around synthesis of vision to values - a lot of the knowledge rings true subconsciously, but frameworking it makes it stick and conscious.

i put in two runs, two gym workouts, 1 ab workout and two rest days this week. The stomach was upset for a day when i worked from home, but i bounced back quick - proud of the body’s recovery. The weekend was spent in R&R, and a good amount of introspection for the blogs. Met up with the wing on Saturday night for a couple hours, watched India kick WestIndies’ asses in their backyard.

If we are to live life, we better experience the highs and the lows fully. Leaning into the relationship w Anukshi to the max – as Brene Brown says, courage and vulnerability go hand-in-hand. Zoom-out sessions have become intense, the kind of conversations that make me happy and excited about the future :))

Keep hammering!


Shubhankar is an awesome person. He's Co-Founder & CTO of Houseware, building the command center for modern revenue teams. In his spare time, he likes to go out on runs!