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Sprints, covid attacks, travel and changes | Report 284

09 Oct 2022 . category: report . Comments
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“What’s the point in fearing death if you ain’t living?” - Hanumankind

3-week report with wide coverage, lots being happening as one-third of October has flown past. Exactly a year since i left SG, but feels like yesterday!

When i start writing this blog, i look at my calendar and task logs, inadvertently starting to plan ahead. i’ve not been writing a lot of code these last couple weeks, and need to be changing this asap. Somedays, i’m a slave to the calendar - but this needs to be switched. Need to double-check if i really need to be investing my time in something. Bunch of learnings around how to be dealing with interpersonals & hard conversations. Product’s been shaping up and i had fun getting things ready for an onboarding in September. Grateful to be working in this ecosystem and making our mark, grateful to be working with the team that Divyansh and i have built.

Spoke at a couple Snowflake events in Bangalore & Delhi, had fun on and off stage - new experiences always add to the fun. Off-stage, talked to a bunch of people in the data ecosystem and got a pulse of the crowd. Also spent a couple hours listening to Bhaichung Bhutia about his career and learnings from captaining India for over 15 years. The maturity is very apparent when you listen to leaders talk about their experiences. Had a good time with the team over the events and meals in Delhi, had a lot of running thoughts in my head that were documented on the flight back home.

Realized that i suck at doing nothing - and this can become a weakness at times. There’s something to be said about relaxation and rest – without the aim of maximizing the relaxation. Life should be optimized - whether that be weekdays or weekends, but doing nothing for some time seems to be an important part of the balance.

i was not in relaxation mode, and covid decided to pay a visit. i was under fever for 3.5 days and body pain for 1 day, and was working at 50% for a couple days afterwards. Used to get fatigued quickly and needed more sleep, but happy to say that i’m now back to 100% on all aspects. This was my first real experience with covid - it’s definitely not fun, but nothing worse than a bad round of flu for me. My mental strength broke down for a couple days as i went the non-stoic way thinking about “why is this happening to me”. However, i could see that objectively and realized my dopamine must be out of whack as well - affecting my usual motivation levels. Anukshi caught the covid as well - definitely a good experience going through these struggles together, learning more about how to work with each other in such situations.

She’s become a fairly important part of my life, slowly realizing how time compounds and how our outlooks towards life and moods can affect each other in subconscious ways. Thankful to the cosmos for figuring this relationship thing out for me. Not being doing a lot of zoom-out sessions over the last few weeks, which isn’t ideal – life could and will get busier, but i need to make sure that we continue our communications as they should.

Fitness Log:

  • Week 1: 2 runs, 1 gym session, 1 BJJ. [September running mileage: 30KM]
  • Week 2: Washout with covid, but managed one tennis session on Sunday
  • Week 3: 3 runs, 2 tennis sesions, 1 gym, 1 sauna, 1 stretch Not very happy with my muscle mass - and the goal for Q4 is to gain 5-7 kilograms in muscle.

Met with Abhishek in Delhi for breakfast, played tennis+lunched with Sid this Sunday, barbeque nation-ed with the team in Vasant Kunj, caught up on life with all!

Keep hammerin’


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